Why Oil Slick Hair Colour is the Perfect Fit for You


Sweetheart, your hair is the most prominent part of your beauty. It doesn’t only play an important part in your appearance but also helps to set the tone of your entire look. It would not be wrong to say that with beautiful hair you feel in control of yourself and way more confident. And when it comes to oil slick hair the excitement is on another level. Please read the article completely so that you may not miss any important points which you might regret later.

Oil Slick Hair:

Oil slick hair is also referred to as oil spill hair. Now because of the term, you might be wondering that why would I want oily hair. But don’t get us wrong. By oil slick hair I meant a style that is a mix of green, purple and dark blue over darker hair. And because of this mix, it will also give a shimmery appearance. Most people consider it the pastel hair trend. But let me tell you it is different because its iridescent effect comes from blending darker shades instead of ultra-pale ones. 

Five reasons why you should try oil slick hair:

You are getting bored with your dark hair:

If you are bored with your dark hair color and you are looking forward to adding more fun to your hair color then oil slick hair is the right fit for you. For dark color hair, you nearly have to bleach all of the hair colors to put a new color. But now oil slick is the answer to your problem. Although there are a lot of color combinations, in general oil hue colors such as purple, green, magenta and to achieve the full effect they are integrated into the rich inky base.

You are not fond of hair lightener: 

With oil slick hair you can opt for both options little or a lot. You can opt for few highlights of emerald or indigo into your ebony base and on the other hand, you can also go for full effect by having a stormy swirl of jewel shades. But one thing is notable, that whichever option you choose your hairstylist won’t bleach your hair too heavily. 

More Staying Power:

Oil Slick hair colors have more staying power and in some cases, they stay even for months. While on the other hand, you might have seen those blondes who show up each day with a new shade of mint green, pink or tiffany blue. But do you know that within four or five shampoos they are gone.

No more touching up the roots:

With slick hair, the best part is that you don’t need to visit a saloon for root touch-ups. Because the base color remains the same, so it won’t matter that how much your hair grows, and you won’t need to touch up the roots.

Sweetheart, this bleach-free technique gives a very colorful, iridescent sheen to your hair without destroying your strands. The jeweled tones of the rainbow will make your look perfect. I hope that it was informative for you.