Why Do People Have Dark Eye Circles and What are the Best Dark Eye Circles Removal Treatments?


    Dark circles are among the most common issues cosmetic doctors encounter and the hardest problems to deal with. Whether because of dehydration, genetics, or lack of sleep, we all experience dark circles at some time in our lives — and handling them could be tiring. Fortunately, there are several dark eye circles removal treatments without going under the knife.

    What are Dark Circles?

    Dark circles beneath our eyes, also called dark tear troughs, are a lot more common than you’d imagine (or hope). The skin surrounding our eyelid is extremely delicate and thin, suggesting it is susceptible to irritation, particularly if you’re always applying eye makeup. Lack of sleep and other aspects are huge influences, but there are various reasons the dark circles beneath the eyes are becoming worse.

    What Causes Tear Troughs and Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

    That’s a question that may usually pop up in your mind when staring at the dark rings under your eyes. The following are the different factors that may contribute to this.


    Genetics has a huge role. Hereditary under-eye circles are usually pigmented (brown) or vascular (dark purple), but they could also have under-eye bags or sunken tear troughs.

    Weight Fluctuations

    When fat pads underneath your skin shrink, they could lead to discoloration beneath your eye as well. That change usually happens because of body weight fluctuations, with weight loss resulting in an unequal loss of facial volume, resulting in deepened ‘tear trough.’

    Sleep & Other Factors

    Under-eye puffiness is one more rare issue lots of us encounter, whether it’s accompanying dark circles or swollen bags. Under-eye puffiness happens due to swelling, too much water in your tissue. The fluid builds up overnight when our head is lying flat, and when you wake up, the under-eye puffiness would prevail at its worst and would lessen throughout the day, as the standing lets the fluid drain. Allergies like hay fever, alcohol, and increased sodium levels in the food could all cause under-eye puffiness, as well.

    Aside from genetics, additional variables contribute to dark circles beneath the eyes, which we can fortunately regulate. Dehydration, insufficient sleep, smoking, nasal congestion, allergies, and anemia could all play a role. Vitamin B12 insufficiency and iron deficiency are the most prevalent causes of anemia.

    How Do You Treat Dark Rings Under the Eyes?

    Rejuran I

    Polynucleotides (PN) generated from Salmon DNA are used in the Rejuran I Eye Treatment injection.

    It is a more “liquid” version of Rejuran Healer, so it’s good to apply to sensitive skin near the eyes without producing lumpiness. Rejuran® I (Eye) offers tissue-regeneration and anti-inflammatory characteristics, as well as the ability to activate collagen, which can help:

    • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes
    • Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are reduced.
    • Reduce puffiness around your eyes.
    • Reduce the look of dark circles and eyebags.
    • Improve the quality and texture of the skin around the eyes

    How Does Rejuran Eye Treatment Work?

    This product contains highly pure long-chain polynucleotides with strong viscoelasticity and viscoelasticity, allowing your skin to rebuild and regenerate over time.


    High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive skin tightening technique that uses precision medical-grade ultrasound to stimulate collagen in up to four layers of the skin.

    Below are some of the advantages of using HIFU for the under-eye region.

    • Underlying muscles, ligaments, and SMAS layer tightening
    • Elastin and collagen levels have been restored, resulting in thicker skin.
    • Fats beneath the eyes are reduced in volume.

    This multi-pronged technique focuses on and tackles the three major causes of eye bags: ligamentous and muscle laxity, thin skin, and fat buildup under the eyes.

    This dark eye circles removal treatment might take 20-30 minutes for the two eyes. Before the procedure, a numbing lotion will be used to reduce discomfort.

    The majority of patients report feeling like tiny ants have bitten them. After the treatment, there might be 2-3 days of minor swelling, which will go away in a few days.

    Dermal Fillers

    Dermal fillers rapidly increase volume behind the eyes to fill out spaces that form when the tear trough (the bone ridge beneath the eyes) is particularly pronounced and casts a shadow on the under-eye region.