What You Need To Know About Delta-8 Gummies


    Delta-8 Gummies are a new, FDA approved healing supplement that is sweeping the country. These potent, tasty little gummies have revolutionized the way people consume their daily Omega-3 and Vitamin Dsupplements and have changed millions of lives for the better. With their powerful ingredients in rich chocolatey flavor, Excellent Delta-8 Gummies are quickly becoming a household name as they change how people shop for healing supplements.

    What’s In A Box

    Each box contains 60 small blue or cherry flavored gummies. One serving (three) has 9mg of Omega-3s and 400IU of Vitamin D3 per serving, which is a dosage that provides optimum results to most consumers who find themselves deficient in these two essential nutrients.

    What’s In Each Gummy

    Omega-3s: Each gummy contains 9mg of Omega-3s, which is a hefty dose of EPA and DHA that delivers powerful effects. Your body needs omega-3 fatty acids to keep your heart healthy, blood flowing cleanly through your veins, and also to help fight inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids are also critical for brain development in infants. These gummies may be a great way to introduce delicate taste buds to the world of Omega-3s.

    Vitamin D: Delta-8 Gummies contain 400IU of Vitamin D per serving (three gummies). Vitamin D is important for various functions, including helping maintain healthy bones, muscle function, and brain function. Vitamin D deficiencies are commonly found in the elderly and have been linked to numerous issues including chronic diseases, decreased immune system function, depression, and an increased risk of falls.

    Vitamin K: Each box contains 10mg of Vitamin K per serving (three gummies). Vitamin K is critical for proper bone development and growth. A lack of vitamin K can lead to low bone density. High vitamin K intake can also help to build stronger cartilage by supporting blood flow and preventing breakdown of cartilage by enzymes.

    Folate: Each serving of Delta-8 Gummies contains 300mcg of Folic Acid. Folic acid plays a key role in red blood cell production. It is also essential for antioxidant production and repair, which may help protect your cells from oxidative damage. This can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular illness and cancer-related deaths.

    Vitamin E: Each serving (three gummies) contains 15mg of Vitamin E from d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E). Vitamin E is known as one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants and can help protect your cells from free radical oxidative damage and prevent premature aging (including cataracts).

    Lutein: Each serving of Delta-8 Gummies contains 100mcg of Lutein. Lutein can provide powerful antioxidant effects that may help protect your cells from oxidative damage and reduce cardiovascular disease risk. It also helps preserve your eyesight.

    Chromium: Each serving of Delta-8 Gummies contains 5mcg of Chromium Picolinate to help reduce cravings, control appetite, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Chromium is also an important mineral for the functioning of insulin in the body, helping to transport glucose into cells that need it most.