What Makes Eyebrow Embroidery Popular In Singapore?


Every year, brands and salons come up with new ways to address the beauty concerns of everyone and enhance their natural allure. From skincare ingredients-infused makeup products to lips embroidery services, Singapore is brimming with beauty and wellness trends that boost the confidence of numerous residents. But there is one procedure that has never gone out of style since its introduction in the state years ago. Residents know it as eyebrow embroidery, but others know it as microblading.

What Is Eyebrow Embroidery?

The eyebrow embroidery of Singapore spas is a beautifying service where an aesthetician implants pigment into the skin. Using disposable microneedles, they insert the colour while drawing hair-like strokes to mimic the strands of the natural brows of their clients. Technicians can also fill your brows with pigment and create a gradient effect. This procedure can make your eyebrows look fuller and more polished for over a year—which is something that brow pencils, pomades, and soaps cannot achieve.

According to beauty experts, eyebrow embroidery became popular in Singapore in 2005. Neighbouring countries then knew about the service and started offering them to their locals, which led to its prevalence in almost every corner of the globe. Aestheticians continuously improved their embroidery techniques and developed various types, including the famous eyebrow microblading procedure.

The eyebrow microblading service in Singapore is a brow embroidery where a technician draws strand-like strokes on your skin. The other type of brow solution involves a shading technique to achieve a powdery effect. However, there are beauty experts who argue that eyebrow embroidery and microblading are the same, and brands often use them interchangeably. You may even hear aestheticians talk about microshading and microfeathering—which are similar terms for a few brow technicians. But to be sure you are getting your desired service, tell your aesthetician about your preferred brow effect instead of using these confusing terms.


Why Do People Love Getting Eyebrow Embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery reached places outside Singapore and became a global phenomenon due to the effects it leaves. It may have taken the whole world a while to refine the techniques involved in implanting pigments underneath the skin, which started ages ago, but the long wait is worth it due to the impressive benefits it gives now. Scroll through to learn about the reasons why people fell in love with eyebrow embroidery:

Enhances Natural Brow Look

Unlike brow pencils, mascaras, and pomades, eyebrow microblading and microshading gives off a natural look. Strangers will not double-take at your brows and ask you why they look crooked or funky.

Thickens Sparse Brows

Thinning brows are a common concern for ageing women. Thankfully, eyebrow embroidery in Singapore provides a visually-appealing solution to such an issue. You could even customise the volume of your brows to achieve your desired thickness.

Better Alternative To Brow Pencils

Eyebrow embroidery costs more than a brow pencil at first glance. However, getting such a service will allow you to save a lot of money from buying brow makeup products every few weeks or months.

Shortens Makeup Routine

Do you often take a significant amount of time every day to draw on a pair of brows? If so, eyebrow microblading services in Singapore are perfect for you. Thanks to brow embroidery, you will only need a few minutes to get ready for work or a night out.

Semi-Permanent Solution To Thin Brows

Unlike brow pencils that require daily touch-ups, you will only need to go to your preferred salon once a year to redo them by getting another eyebrow embroidery service. Your embroidered brows could last between 12 and 18 months, depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

Boosts Confidence

Eyebrow embroidery may have a higher price than brow pens and soaps, but getting this service will be worth every cent you pay. Aside from addressing your brow concerns, eyebrow microblading or microshading will enhance your confidence and help you change the way you look at yourself for the better.


Where Can You Find Eyebrow Embroidery Services In Singapore?

Looking for a place to get eyebrow microblading or microshading is not as tricky as searching for an eyeliner embroidery service in Singapore. If you walk up or down your street, you could easily find a beauty spa that offers such a procedure. You could also use search engine websites and social media platforms to find a capable and reliable aesthetician who could give you life-changing brow embroidery.

You could even talk to your family members, friends, or colleagues and ask them for microblading service suggestions near you. You could also take your search to YouTube and other video sharing platforms to look for vloggers who recently got an eyebrow embroidery service. They could also give you tips before and after getting such a procedure.


Is There Anything You Need To Do Before And After The Procedure?

Like any other beauty-enhancing service in the state, you will need to follow a few tips to prepare yourself for getting eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. Your aesthetician will also require you to perform a care routine while your brow heals from the procedure. Scroll through to learn everything you should do before and after getting a brow microblading or microshading service:


  • Learn About The Procedure
  • Ask About The Price
  • Arrive On Time
  • Wear Comfortable Clothing
  • Clear Your Schedule
  • Avoid Putting Brow Makeup
  • Pick A Style And Shape
  • Speak If You Feel Uncomfortable


  • Avoid Getting Your Brows Wet
  • Do Not Visit Saunas, Pools, Or Gyms
  • Regularly Apply Healing Cream
  • Expect Itchiness
  • Do Not Pick Your Scabs
  • Skip Brow Makeup And Facials
  • Stay Away From Chemical Peels And Exfoliators
  • Schedule Touch-up Sessions
  • Get In Touch With Your Aesthetician For Questions

Before leaving your preferred spa, do not forget to ask your aesthetician about the dos and don’ts you should follow after getting an eyebrow embroidery service in Singapore. Only these experts know the precise time when you are allowed to take hot showers, visit a sauna, and work out after undergoing such a procedure. You can also ask them any brow microblading-related question or concern that bothers your mind.

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