What Is LASIK In Singapore?


Are you suffering from vision problems, and that you are considering getting LASIK surgery in Singapore? You must first gain the essential information about LASIK in Singapore before deciding to go with the treatment.

That way, you can prepare for what you may expect during the operation and understand it more. Here are amazing facts about LASIK in Singapore.

1. People who are appropriately assessed before surgery to ensure appropriate candidates for the operation tend to have the best long-term outcomes from LASIK in Singapore.

Before your examination and operation, you must stop wearing contact lenses since they can alter the structure of your cornea. During this time, you should only wear glasses. Depending on your contacts and how long you’ve worn lenses, your doctor will give you precise instructions.

Your eye doctor will do a thorough eye exam, ask questions about your medical and surgical history, and evaluate your eyesight to determine whether you can have the surgery done safely.

2. LASIK is a quick and painless procedure.

LASIK surgery in Singapore is relatively rapid. The average time for laser vision correction on both eyes is at least 15 minutes. Topical anaesthetic eye drops are used during LASIK surgery to ensure that patients are entirely pain-free and comfortable throughout the procedure. During the surgery, some patients claim to feel a little pressure on their eyes, but that’s about it.

You can even receive a ReLEx SMILE in Singapore, which has flaps and a quicker recovery than traditional LASIK. The SMILE technique, which offers LASIK-like results in a minimally invasive process, is the most recent laser vision correction for myopia (near sightedness). It is an excellent substitute for LASIK surgery.

3. The cost of LASIK in Singapore is lower than you can imagine.

LASIK surgery in Singapore is a more cost-effective choice when you include in the price of prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, cleaning solutions, and lubricating eye drops over a lifetime. Although LASIK has an initial cost, many patients save money in the long run since they no longer need as much prescription eyewear.

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