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Preserving the quality of the drinking water supplied by your water distributor requires simple, but regular maintenance. Quite simply, it is a question of hygiene: bacteria indeed accumulate quickly in the circuits of the machine and this whatever the type, the brand and the model of water fountain chosen.

If you have taken out a maintenance contract for your water cooler, whether rented or purchased, you can have peace of mind! Otherwise, someone in-house will have to take care of it.

What services are provided under a maintenance contract?

What are the things to know and the practical advice to follow in the event that this interview has to be carried out on your own, within the company? To preserve the health of users, here are some maintenance instructions.

The maintenance contract of a water distributor, what for?

A maintenance contract for a water fountain includes several precise regular interventions, intended to ensure the proper functioning of the water dispenser and especially good hygiene. What are these intervention points and how much does a maintenance contract cost?

Interventions generally included in a maintenance contract

The maintenance of a water fountain includes a number of regular technical interventions. Thus, for a fountain connected to the network, it will generally include:

  • Replacement of filters and filtration cartridges,
  • The purging of the valves and their cleaning with specific disinfectants,
  • Checking the hydraulic circuits,
  • Descaling of the entire fountain, this operation being particularly important and tedious where the network water is said to be “heavy”,
  • Replacement of UV lamps and possible firewalls,
  • Cleaning the condenser and the fan,
  • Checking electrical circuits and equipment,
  • The debacterization of the water dispenser,
  • Checking its operation, the taste quality of the water and the absence of leaks.

 For a carboy fountain, upkeep and maintenance will include more or less the same interventions:

  • Cleaning the inside and outside of the machine,
  • Cleaning of each element that comes into contact with the liquid ,
  • Checking all hydraulic circuits,
  • The debacterization of the water fountain, also,
  • Verification of the operation of the machine and the absence of any leaks.

The contract is often associated for this type of fountains with a subscription for the supply of bottles and cups, the technicians recovering the empty bottles as they come to install full ones,

Terms and cost of a maintenance contract

The maintenance contract provides for a series of interventions, generally:

  • Every three months for some,
  • Every year for others,
  • Without counting the visits to supply / recover empty bottles for the bottle water fountains.

It should be noted that companies that have purchased their fountain can very well resort to a service and maintenance contract so as not to have to carry out the sometimes tedious maintenance operations internally. Prices are generally relatively low, but billing terms differ depending on whether the fountain is rented, as part of the all-inclusive subscription, or whether the maintenance contract applies to a machine purchased by the customer.

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