Welcome to the Manu Health Resources section, a curated list of the online products I strongly recommend to reach your fitness goals faster. I have tested every recommendation on this page. Many of the resources listed here are crucial I recommend to my clients and they find results. Before digging into the awesome resources I know and trust,

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Female Fat Loss


This program is for any women who wants to drop weight as quick as possible for a dress size or events.

Arms Workouts

Course: 3

Whether you're wanting to build Popeye-like arms or just add lean muscle there's an arm workout for you! huge biceps and triceps.

Six Pack Workouts

Course: 5

Do you want to get rid of your stubborn belly fat or men boobs? a variety of exercises that will your belly fat.

Female Bikini Body

Course: 5

This program is design for quick result to help you get an impressive and lean physique to wear your new favorite Bikini.

Men's Physique - Beach Body

Course: 5

want that beach body to look extremely good naked? so this program you will put you on track.

Outdoor Fitness

Course: 5

A variety of workouts for all abilities created to make the most of the great outdoors. These workouts can be taken virtually anywhere! Challenge yourself with various equipment such as TRX, your own bodyweight, battle ropes, kettlebells and more!


Course: 5

Wow! These workouts will leave their mark! Right through from beginner to advanced, these will challenge the best of us!

Male Fat Loss


the male fat loss program is a high intensive training that will melt away your body fat in short period.

Senior Workouts

Course: 4

This program is a variety of carefully created workouts to keep seniors moving and active!

Home Workouts


No gym membership or time to go to the gym? don't worry we got your back. These are excessive home-workouts created to

Muscle Gain


Are you looking to build massive muscle mass to rip off your shirt and your pants? If so, this program will is for you.

Legs Workous


A wide variety of killer leg workouts designed to mix up your leg training and hit them from all new angles!

Female Glute Workouts


Ranging from beginner to advanced theres a glute workout for everyone! These 3 workouts are aimed to hit your glutes from every angle whether you're looking to step your training up or simply just improve your behind!



Those workouts have been designed with the idea of not necessarily being in a gym environment, You perform those workouts at home or outside.