Learn How Relationships Are Affected by Meth Addiction at our Dallas Rehab


Meth Abuse

A meth addict only has one genuine love, and that is methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is one of the amphetamines. Meth has similar effects to cocaine but lasts much longer and is less expensive. Depending on your desire, it may be smoked, injected, or snorted. Meth abuse results in the person feeling more energized and self-assured as dopamine enters their brain. That’s a good thing. The drawback is that meth users often go ten days without falling asleep. Since amphetamines increase sex desire while simultaneously lowering inhibitions, it increases the likelihood that one can contract HIV. Meth users are prone to losing weight quickly and having stained or decayed teeth. They are prone to paranoia and delusions. They become disinterested in their appearance and pick at their face or hair. And the worst thing is that addiction could develop even after a few uses. At that time, each one of meth’s “benefits” disappears. The addict now requires more meth to feel comfortable. No healthy relationship can endure meth abuse without suffering negative effects.

Methamphetamine Addiction

Aggression, anxiety, irritability, hallucinations, and paranoia are common among heavy abusers. With continued use, paranoid schizophrenia symptoms may emerge.

Meth users are unable to say no to activities they would normally refuse to undertake because of their reliance on the substance. One typical adverse effect of methamphetamine abuse is increased sexual desire. Meth sex (commonly unprotected sex), which is often brought on by anxiety, can result from this stress. Methamphetamine users often have sex at the locations where they obtain their drugs.

Meth Abuse and Sex Enjoyment

A meth addict finds it difficult to enjoy sex when they are clean since they have experienced it while high. Dopamine levels increase when meth and sex are combined, making it more difficult to enjoy sex normally. as long as the body has no ability to produce any dopamine at all. Those who have successfully overcome their addiction are often prone to relapse since they cannot produce dopamine without meth. Meth can result in unprotected sexual activity and the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs).

What effects does meth have on your relationship?

  • Lack of trust between partners.
  • Worry that one can’t satisfy the sexual needs of the methamphetamine user. Meth addicts often require meth to reach climax.
  • Spread of STIs between partners

How to Deal with A Methamphetamine Addicted Spouse

You probably want to help the person you are presently living with if you have reasons to believe that they have a meth addiction.

If you can discuss your worries with them, you will have the greatest opportunity to convince them to get help for their issue. Communicating compassionately is essential, and avoiding criticizing or insulting the other person. Many people struggling with meth addiction want help but do not know how or are afraid of what other individuals would think of them.

If the person is willing to listen to you and is eager to start their recovery process, look for a recovery facility close by. Finding a clinic that offers family therapy could also help make things easier.

If you or somebody you care about is struggling with a meth addiction and needs assistance in or near Dallas, call Skyward Treatment Center right away.