The Lean Body Transformation Challenge.

Watch the video below to see the exact strategy you can use:

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The Lean Body Transformation Program Has helped me out so much. I have lost 20 pounds of stubborn fat.  I never Thought I would look so amazing after finish the 28 days transformation challenge program. It has really change my life 


Shane Melaugh, Thrive Themes

What You Get After Purchase The Lean Body Program

Personalized Meal Plan

​What you eat is just as important as the intensity of your workouts. You will get a personalized meal plan done for you

Exercise​ Library Video

​In the member area you will find our exercise video library which includes instructional videos for each exercise in your training.

24/7 Support

​As a members you will have 24/7 support through our in-house fitness staff. You can also email me one on one and I’ll get right back to you.

Special Bonus...

Bonus 1 : The Best Strategies for Calorie Control ( $29  Value )

Most experts accept that weight loss and weight gain are most influenced by calorie balance -- the difference between how many calories you take in and how many you expend.
However, there's a lot of controversy as to the BEST way to control calories. Is it calorie counting? Meal plans? Something else? We answer this question today.

Bonus 2: Understanding Metabolism and Metabolic Damage ( $39 Value )

  • Why sometimes people can eat right and exercise but not lose weight.
  • The principles of energy balance and metabolism.
  • Whether years of dieting can harm the metabolism.
  • How to coach people through metabolic changes related to weight loss.
  • Strategies for preserving the metabolism with weight loss.
  • And more…
  • Bonus 3: GMOs, Grains, Detoxes and More ($29  Value)

  • Why GMOs are so controversial and how to think through the use of them.
  • Whether grains are helpful (or detrimental) for your clients.
  • How detox diets work and whether they’re useful.
  • Why nutrition science can be so confusing at times and what to do about it.
  • And more…
  • Bonus 4: Nutrient Timing and Workout Nutrition ($47 Value)

  • Whether it really matters when you eat.
  • How to think about post-workout vs. anytime meals.
  • What the research says about the post-workout window.
  • When nutrient timing is important and when it’s not.
  • What to eat before, during, and after exercise.
  • And more..
  • Bonus 5: Meal Planning and the Perfect Meal ($ 39 Value )

    • A template for helping people create the perfect meal.
    • Strategies for making daily and weekly meal prep easier.
    • Several recipes you can share with people to help them improve.
    • And more..

    Here’s The Deal…
    Normally the 28 Days Fat Loss Transformation  program sells for $297.00, but because we’ve packaged the system into our new online e-learning platform we’re now able to offer you the entire body transformation system for just $47!


    What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

    Before starting training with Joe, I think my biggest frustration was myself and being in the mindset of thinking “I don’t need to workout.” I’ve tried working out in the past and it’s done nothing but hurt me and I’ve never seen any results from it. It was easier for me to eat what ever I wanted to eat, drink what ever I wanted to drink and throw the weights around every once in awhile. The biggest thing that kept me from fitness was myself..

    Shane Melaugh, Thrive Themes

     I started working with Joe when I had a back injury that I couldn't seem to shake.  Joe had me feeling like new within a couple of weeks.  I decided after my back felt better to start training with Joe on a regular basis to build more muscle, endurance and to keep my weight under control.  I have struggled for years with eating habits as I tend to eat like a firefighter, instead of like I should! 

    Jane Doe, ACME Inc.

    T I am continually amazed at the workouts I can do now, that I never would have dreamed of doing in the beginning.  I look forward to continuing this journey that I have started on and I know I am so lucky to be able to have Joe to keep me going!

    Joe helped me to understand nutrition and also helped me realize the potential that I have. 

     Today I am stronger, leaner and much, much happier than I was before I started training with Joe.  I am continually amazed at the workouts I can do now, that I never would have dreamed of doing in the beginning.  I look forward to continuing this journey that I have started on and I know I am so lucky to be able to have Joe to keep me going!

    John Doe, Company

    It’s great to have finally found a workout I can complete at home, at the gym, at the station, during my travels – and with little to no equipment needed.

    I can do these workouts when the kids are playing, when supper is cooking, and the laundry is going through the wash cycle.

    Every couple of weeks I can see myself getting closer to the six-pack abs I want. It’s very encouraging.

    I didn’t include much about being female because I don’t feel like it makes a difference one way or another. Today there are plenty of single dads out there too who are firefighters, and take care of their households.

    Jim Doe, Company