How to grow CBD ACDC Feminized plant?


If you are a cannabis lover and wish to sow the seeds of CBD ACDC feminized, these tips will help you to grow the plant. The article provides an overview of growth tips, suitable temperature, output that produces their therapeutic benefits, etc.

How to grow the ACDC plant?

 Due to its immune medicinal benefits, there are many companies, who have started keeping the seeds. However, they fail in terms of quality. The poor quality seeds have a great impact on the growth of the plant. Hence, we recommend you buy seeds from a reputed vendor.

Is it difficult to grow CBD ACDC feminized seeds?

After buying the seeds, germinate the seeds with care using the paper towel method. The final plant will come off depending upon how well you have germinated the seeds during the initial stages. It is not easy to grow this plant.

What kind of climate does it require for growing?

The strain grows well in the Mediterranean climate. The ideal temperature for its growth is 75-85°F. The temperature fluctuation can damage the plant’s growth, so it is important to install the thermostat. Further, ACDC requires a humidity of 40%. The seeds can grow optimally both indoor and outdoor. If you grow them inside, the CBD content will be much more. There are no temperature fluctuations, wind, and changing temperature in the indoor environment; hence it can be grown inside too.

Once the seeds are grown, it takes ten weeks to flower. If you grow them indoors, you can harvest them within nine weeks.

How much yield can it produce?

The yield or output of the ACDC plant is higher. If the plant is kept indoors, it can grow 400 grams per meter, and if kept outdoors, it may grow 500 grams per plant. With so much growth, you need to find an area where you can store them. The plant is not resistant to mold and pests. It is due to this reason; many beginners find it difficult to grow the plant. Here are some tips that can help you to grow a pest-free cannabis plant.

  • Don’t wear dirty clothes in the cannabis garden.
  • Don’t buy clones from other growers.
  • Don’t overwater the plants.
  • Use an oscillating fan for ventilation.
  • Space the different plants.
  • Install dehumidifier to decrease the humidity level.
  • Use organic preservatives to prevent the formation of molds.

What are the benefits of growing this plant?

The plant is well-known for offering medicinal benefits. As you consume the weed, the CBD content triggers the brain and provides an immune response. It offers a great way to subside anxiety, cure depression and insomnia. It is useful for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Bottom- Line

If you want a high-growth CBD plant, it is essential to buy top-notch strain and germinate it using the paper towel method. There is a certain temperature within which the plant thrives and flourishes. The article mentions the same.


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