How Does Pro Yellow Laser Work to Give You Glass Skin?


Glass Skin” is, as the name implies, skin that looks like glass. It indicates that it seems poreless, flawless, translucent, and clear without blemishes visible.

The skin complexion should appear bright and lusciously dewy, with an emphasis on glow-inducing and hydration products and procedures such as the Pro Yellow Laser for those with glass skin.

What’s the Pro Yellow Laser Treatment for Glass Skin?

The Pro-Yellow Laser employs a pure yellow laser that’s presently the only laser to address both skin rejuvenation and pigmentation.

Unlike the green laser, which is its predecessor, the yellow wavelength has a 40 percent greater blood absorption. This means that less power is needed during therapy, resulting in fewer adverse effects.

The specific wavelength of the laser is also absorbed and broken down by the pigmentation’s underlying melanin. The skin cells’ blood supply that creates these colors is also restricted, preventing the cells from creating pigments in the future and ensuring longer-lasting benefits by strengthening the support system of the skin.

How Does This Treatment Work?

The premise behind laser light treatment is to target troublesome regions depending on their light absorption wavelengths. The Pro Yellow laser employs a one-of-a-kind mix of green and yellow photons with wavelengths of 511nm and 578nm, respectively.

The yellow light gradually kills acne germs in the sebaceous glands before shrinking them to avoid too much production of sebum. It also facilitates collagen renewal, which helps keep the skin bright and supple.

What are the Pro Yellow Laser’s Advantages?

Enhance Vascular Health

Nose/facial blood vessels and veins – unlike other lasers, the pro yellow laser includes the greatest absorption rate in red blood cells. This reduces the appearance of unattractive blood vessels or veins on your face, particularly on the cheekbones and nose.

Redness and rosacea – Redness and rosacea are due to dilated (larger in size) blood vessels. The pro yellow laser successfully reduces/eliminates these blood vessels’ size, leading to a much even complexion and less redness.

Acne-related red spots are also called erythema post-acne or post-inflammatory erythema (pie).  The red stains that appear as a result of the enhanced circulation of blood in inflamed regions, like moderate to severe acne, last long after the acne heals. By decreasing the blood vessels in certain places, the pro-yellow laser may successfully eliminate these discolorations.

Skin Pigmentation And Rejuvenation

Age/sun spots, melasma, and freckles – the pro yellow laser’s energy is absorbed by the melanin and the underlying blood vessels because of its distinct wavelength. This causes pigments to degrade while also decreasing blood flow to the skin cells that create these colors. This would stop these skin cells from generating pigments, resulting in longer-lasting effects.

Skin rejuvenation – in addition to lowering pigmentation and redness, the energy of the pro yellow laser is absorbed into your skin layer (dermis) to address and enhance the support structure of the skin. With only one treatment, your skin would appear to feel brighter and tighter, like glass skin.


The pro yellow laser’s yellow light energy heals acne produced by p.acne bacteria by destroying these bacteria while also reducing redness due to inflammation. The pro yellow laser also reduces the size of sebaceous glands, which creates sebum (oil).

Is There Any Down Time?

Some pigments would seem darker immediately following pigmentation therapy. It’s the ‘final point’ that cosmetic doctors would strive for in order to successfully eliminate the pigments. The pigment’s little ‘darkening’ normally lasts 3 to 7 days and is scarcely noticeable. Scabbing may be required in some circumstances, like sun spots or freckles, to eliminate the pigments. After 3 to 4 days, the scabbing normally goes off.

Because of the heat, flushed skin is to be anticipated while removing inflamed and red acne spots. Flushing would continue between 2 to 24 hours and then progressively subside.

‘Glass skin’ treatments normally have little downtime other than a faint reddish skin flush for 15 to 30 minutes.

What Should I Do After The Laser Treatment Session?

Avoid direct sunlight for at least one week before and after the Pro Yellow laser. Exfoliation and scrubbing should be avoided for one week following the treatment if there’s any scabbing.