Four Steps of Proper Beard Care


Many people enjoy the rugged look of a beard. This trendy facial hair allows men to recreate the shape and look of their faces by simply not shaving. However, to get a healthy, comfortable, great-looking beard, proper care is necessary. These four steps provide a guide for choosing the right mens products and maintaining a beard.

Clean and Prep

The first step to maintaining a beard is to thoroughly clean the hair and skin under the beard. An exfoliating beard and body soap is a great option for this task. It helps to clean away the oils and debris from the beard while removing dry and dead skin from the face.

This soap can also help open pores and reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs. Maintaining healthy skin is a big part of maintaining a healthy beard. A massaging shampoo brush can be a great option to help get deep into thick beard hair when cleaning and preparing the beard for the next step in the process.

Repair and Condition

Extreme weather, strenuous activities, and even stress can wreak havoc on a beard. Even dripped food and drink in a beard can be damaging to the hair. This damage and stress can cause beard hair to become brittle and broken. Even split ends can be a problem for many beards.

The next step in a beard care regimen should always be conditioning and repairing damaged hair. A specialized beard conditioner can be the best option for this type of damage. These conditioners help to restore hair by using natural oils that hydrate and protect each hair.

Some of these conditioners can even be beneficial in healing dry or flaky skin under the beard. The all-natural ingredients target problem areas and provide the nourishment the hair and skin need to provide a healthy and comfortable beard.

Feed and Boost

The next step in the beard care system is to feed the beard with the nutrients it needs. There are supplements available that can help provide the vitamins and nutrients needed to ensure a beard grows strong and healthy. Combined with a proper diet and exercise, these supplements can help provide benefits for the beard and the whole body.

There are also topical products that can provide a beard with the nourishment it needs and boost its great look. Beard oils and beard jellies are a great option for providing benefits that last the whole day through. These specially formulated oils and jellies help to soften hair straight to the pores. It also provides a fresh scent that lasts all day long, regardless of how active a lifestyle a person may have.

Control and Protection

The next step in this process is to get the beard under control and provide protection from the various daily elements that may damage the beard. Every beard has those few hairs that seem to fly away or look messy. Regardless of how careful and how recent the trim was, there are always issues with every hair laying just right to get a proper look.

The right beard balm or wax can help gain control of every hair in the beard. This ensures a neat look every day. The added benefit of these products is that they also provide a layer of protection for the beard. This helps to protect the hair from extreme temperatures, sweat, and various other factors that can damage hair.

A beard is a very fashionable and rugged trend. Just as any true fashion requires, some serious and regular effort needs to be dedicated to the care of a beard to get the right look.