Fat Freeze Singapore: Myths about Fat Freezing and What you Should Know before Getting the Treatment


    Fat freezing is a cosmetic procedure that can help people freeze fat cells. This procedure has become popular with those who want to reshape different areas of the body, such as the stomach, and hips. If you wish to reduce your thigh size, your plastic surgeon may also recommend fat freeze. Singapore is particularly famous for this treatment because of how effective it is in getting rid of unwanted fats.

    With this treatment, a doctor injects a fat-freezing substance into your skin to reduce unwanted bulges in certain areas. In addition, it works by cooling down stubborn fat deposits under your skin which triggers your body’s natural process of removing these cells from the area. Once cooled, the targeted tissue begins to eliminate itself from the body and lymphatic drainage and metabolism types. The fatty acids and triglycerides begin to break down the fat cells in the treated area that eventually results in a slimmer appearance.

    Myths about Fat Freezing

    It isn’t uncommon to bump into a group of millennials talking about fat freeze in Singapore. The only problem is that not everything you hear about fat freezing is true. Keep reading to discover some of the myths about fat freezing that you really shouldn’t pay attention to. 

    • Fat Freezing Will Make Me Lose Weight Overnight: It is just a myth; it will not melt away your body weight overnight all at once. However, it can help you lose 2cm in diameter in one sitting, but this would take time depending on how much fat there is in each target area.
    • The Procedure Is Painful: Getting your fat freeze in Singapore might be uncomfortable, but it does not mean it will be painful. The doctor can apply numbing cream or local anesthetic to minimize any pain or discomfort during the application of the Cryolipolysis machine.
    • Fat Freezing Treatment Is Too Risky: This treatment has a very low risk of side effects, but there are still factors that can contribute to possible risks, such as an allergy to the solution and bruising from the injections. However, it is less risky compared to other procedures such as liposuction which involves surgical extraction of fat from the stubborn areas of your body.
    • I Don’t Have Enough Stubborn Body Fat To Be Treated: Even if your body fat is not considered as stubborn, it does not mean you cannot benefit from this procedure because although this procedure requires 20-25% of body fat in each area, any individual who has unwanted fat bulges anywhere on their body can be treated regardless of age and weight.
    • The Procedure Will Not Work for Me: Results vary from person to person depending on the body structure, how much fat there is in each target area, and body type. You do not know if it will work for you unless you try it first or the doctor advises against getting the procedure. Your plastic surgeon will most likely advise against fat freeze in Singapore if you have contraindications against this treatment.
    • The Procedure Will Only Reduce Fat In One Area: If a specific area needs more heat than other areas, more cells can be removed relative to that area. Therefore results of the treatment might vary depending on the size and amount of fat cells that have been targeted during treatment.
    • I Cannot Commit To A Sought Of Treatment: Since this treatment only requires 30 minutes per session, almost anyone who has a busy schedule or works full time can benefit from this procedure because they can easily fit this into their weekly routine.
    • The Results Will Not Last Long: The treatment results may not be permanent but they will stay long enough as needed. You can always get repeat treatments to make the results last longer.
    • I Am Afraid of Needles: This treatment does not involve any cutting or surgery; therefore, there is no pain while getting treated because all you feel during the procedure is a warm sensation while the Cryolipolysis machine slowly freezes your targeted tissues to effectively eliminate them from your body over time.
    • Fat Freezing Is Too Expensive: When you consult for fat freeze in Singapore, you can expect the prices to vary depending on how many areas need to be treated. However, this procedure is competitively priced compared to other existing fat elimination procedures such as liposuction and abdominoplasty.
    • I Can Only Treat My Back, Hips, And Breasts: While the Cryolipolysis machine has been FDA approved for treating these areas, it can also be used to treat any area of your body where you have unwanted fat bulges without affecting the surrounding tissue. Therefore, men and women of all ages who want a slimmer look can benefit from this treatment no matter their problem areas.

    How do you prepare for the Fat-freezing Treatment?

    You need to be a good candidate to be allowed to proceed with fat freeze in Singapore. Your doctor may ask you to go through a questionnaire and physical check-up before proceeding with the treatment to determine if your case is appropriate for this type of treatment. You need to be aware that this procedure does not offer permanent results. If you want a long-term fat reduction, then you should consider other types of fat elimination treatments such as liposuction and abdominoplasty surgeries.

    You do not need any preparation before getting the treatment; all you have to do is arrive 15-30 minutes early on the day of your scheduled appointment so your doctor can mark your target areas and apply numbing cream or local anesthetic.

    Final Words

    If you are a good candidate for fat freezing, there are no side effects unless some area of your body is not numb enough before the machine freezes the targeted tissues. If this happens, there might be some tingling or pain after the treatment, but it usually goes away within a few hours.

    For your routine, you can go back to normal physical activities like running and working out as soon as you feel comfortable during your first week after fat freeze in Singapore since there should be no pain or tingling after numbing cream has worn off. As long as everything feels good, then you should not worry about restarting your usual exercise routine.

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