Fat Cheeks Removal: How to Look Your Best Without Surgery


When you look in the mirror and see your fat cheeks, do you feel self-conscious? Do people mention it to you or make comments about how they like them? It can be tough when these are the things that stand out. You may not have time for surgery, but there is a way to remove those pesky fat cheeks with no surgery necessary! It’s a new treatment and it works!

Fat cheeks are all too common and can be caused by genetics, weight gain, age, heredity or even sun exposure. However you got them, you don’t have to live with them anymore!  Just in time for summer, the FDA-approved HIFU procedure is here to make your fat cheeks disappear!

Fat Cheeks Removal: How It Works

HIFU uses ultrasound energy to lift and tighten skin like an internal scaffold. This lifts sagging tissues without surgery or downtime! Even if you’re young, you can still benefit from this treatment because it targets deep layers of skin that are present on everyone; even those who don’t have signs of aging.

The amazing thing is that you can see results immediately after one fat cheeks removal session. And with just two sessions spaced a few months apart you can get rid of that double chin and look years younger. You may never need a neck lift or face-lift procedure after HIFU because you won’t need to!

What Causes Fat Cheeks?

Spending time in the sun, getting older and gaining weight can give you a double chin. However, it’s important to note that there are some people who have naturally fat cheeks or under-the-chin area, regardless of any outside factors. In this case, HIFU works to remove fat cells so you get the definition back where it belongs; your chin!

For those whose fat is caused by genetics or age (despite diets and exercise), HIFU stimulates the body’s natural ability to produce collagen underneath the skin which strengthens and tightens tissue so your face can look its best again.  The amazing part about HIFU is that, unlike lasers and other treatments, HIFU uses ultrasound energy. This energy creates tiny micro-injuries to the skin which triggers the body’s natural healing response.

How Long Does It Take?

HIFU takes about 30 minutes per treatment session and can be done in-office or at home with portable devices that are FDA-approved by dermatologists. You won’t experience any pain, discomfort or downtime!  Results will vary depending on how severe your fat cheeks are but most patients see visible results within 2 weeks after each treatment.

After one treatment session you’ll notice smoother skin and less fullness under your chin. Don’t worry if you can’t see results right away, because the treatments are spaced a few months apart so the effects will add up!

It also depends on how severe the fat is to begin with. If your fat cheeks are more severe, then it may take up to three sessions spaced a few months apart. However, if you’re just looking for some definition without using fillers or injectables, two treatments should be plenty!

Where Does It Hurt?

HIFU doesn’t hurt at all! The numbing cream works instantly and only takes about 15 minutes to absorb into the skin. As soon as it does, the physician will begin the treatment and before you know it, you’re done!  Because HIFU uses ultrasound technology there is no discomfort or pain involved. You’ll even be able to resume your normal routine right afterwards with no downtime at all; perfect for those who don’t have time to take off from work!

If you’re looking for a non-surgical fat cheeks removal procedure, then HIFU could be right for you. Always consult with your physician first to find out if this procedure is right for you. This treatment should also not be considered a permanent fix but will maintain results over time.