Everything You Need To Know About White Banner Strain


White Banner Strain, a new strain that has recently hit the market, results from the crossing of Bruce Banner and White Russian strains. The interesting fact about White Banner Strains is that their parents, i.e., Bruce Banner and White Russian, are crossings of well-known strains. The crossbreed of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel resulted in Bruce Banner, while AK-47 and White Widow came together to give us White Russian.

The demand for white banner strains has been high ever since it was launched in the market. Many people are buying the seeds of these strains to cultivate them at home. This strain is loved so much because the parent and grandparent strains have an honorable mention in the list of All-Time Greatest strains along with the white banner.

The white banner plant grows to a height of 6 to 7 feet. Hence, it is convenient for the growers to germinate the seeds in outdoor conditions. Since the white banner strain is a photoperiod plant, good sunlight is also essential for the growth of this strain. The flowering time of this strain is approximately ten weeks. Experts advise the trimming of useless leaves during the flowering season so that the buds get maximum light exposure to produce a good yield.

The white banner strain gets some of its medicinal effects like quick pain relief, relief from severe chronic pain, relief from arthritis, etc., from its parent bruce banner. The strain also helps to reduce the symptoms of PTSD. Some other medicinal applications of white banner strain are stress relief, reduce anxiety, energy booster, reduce depressions, etc. The strain has an instant impact on the cerebrum. The intoxication, along with the cerebral effects, tranquilizes our busy mind.

The strain has an earthy aroma and an intense berry fragrance. The flavor differs from the smell as we can taste a hint of strawberry. It is one of the tastiest strains available in the market. The strain has an average THC content of about 18% and low CBD potency of nearly 0.3%. The relaxing effect of the strain can also be a treatment for insomnia.

If grown outdoors, the yield of the strain is about 600gm per plant, while for indoor cultivation, the yield drops down to 300gm. At the same time, the height of the plant ranges between 180cm to 210cm.

Buying white banner strain through online websites is not difficult. But, it is crucial that you find the strain of the highest quality. To verify the quality of the strain, you can refer to the public review section of the distributor’s website https://i49.net This section is the most trustworthy section for deciding which product you wish to buy from the online dispensary.



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