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Jawline enhancement helps correct the receding jawline caused by the jaw losing its structural support. A well-defined jawline is one of the most important facial features for a beautiful and youthful look. Jawline contouring can slim the face to increase volume and correct a recessed chin and reduce a jowled look. It gives your face a more feminine or masculine youthful profile.


  • Surgical Treatment


Surgical jawline treatment is standard for patients with a lot of fat around the jawline and neck. 

Surgical options include:

Neck Lifting

  Here the surgeon makes an incision around the ear and underneath the chin. They tighten and sew the platysma muscles together. They trim the excess skin carefully and reposition the tissues. Then the incision is closed, and the wounds are bandaged.  

They also lift the skin on your neck to relieve access to neck muscles fat and support the structure of your neck. The results of this procedure are a defined jawline and a smooth and young-looking neck. After a neck lift, you may experience some discomfort and pain when you look upward. However, after some time, the pain goes away, and you start noticing a youthful appearance as the healing continues.

Chin Augmentation

This is commonly done to patients who have a naturally weak jawline. Chin implants are introduced using small incisions inside the mouth. The implants are made using compatible silicon and customized to each patient’s jaw bone to ensure a proper fit. Once they are in place, they act as natural bones and create a natural-looking jawline structure that is stronger.

Neck Liposuction 

This jaw enhancement treatment involves the removal of a double chin. Excess fat hides below the chin and hides your jaw bone’s natural structure. By removing excess fat, you can make your jawline contours more visible. This procedure is ideal for uncovering your hidden jawline but does not create a jawline definition. It works best for patients who have lost a lot of weight but still have excess skin and if there is enough elasticity in the skin. 


  • Non-Surgical jawline Enhancement 


Use of fillers 

Dermal fillers can be placed into the subcutaneous tissue below the jaw bone to increase its volume and provide enough support to your face. This procedure plumps the area that has lost volume to attain a youthful look. It also corrects the asymmetries in the chin to break a more defined jawline. Dermal fillers are temporary and reversible treatments.


Fat-Dissolving Injections 

Excess fat on the chin and the neck area hides your jawline contours, some fatty areas on the face are very stubborn and cannot be dissolved by exercising or dieting. Fat-dissolving injection contains Deoxycholic acid, which helps to destroy fat cells below the chin. Patients seeking jawline alignment have benefited from fat dissolving injections which provides results of a sculpted jawline without incision. 

Collagen Stimulators

This is also another effective way of jawline enhancement; as we age; we lose elastin and collagen, making our skin less elastic. Enhancing these molecules’ production around the jawline helps provide support and structure, leading to a more youthful and defined jawline. The stimulators contain calcium which breaks down to stimulate the body to produce natural collagen within the jaw area.

Jaw enhancement is an integral way of enhancing your look. A receding jawline and sagging neck skin can affect your appearance. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures which can help you to bring out your jawline.


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