Does Cannabis Provide Tinnitus Relief?


Have a ringing in your ears? Are you desperate for some relief? Has someone told you that Cannabis or medical marijuana can provide you the much needed relief that you are looking for? With the Cannabis industry exploding and even grocery stores carrying cannabis products, it might be tempting to just go all out and try CBD, THC or some variation of these products to see if you will get Tinnitus relief. But, as you will see in this article, CBD for Tinnitus isn’t really a good idea. We explain why.

Why CBD Won’t Help You with Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a neurological problem. That is correct. It is actually a symptom in your body. When something is wrong with your hearing or your auditory cortex in your brain, your brain “invents” a noise that is called Tinnitus. You might hear this noise as a ringing, hissing, clicking or pulse-like sound. No solution will simply turn this sound off for you. And, CBD definitely won’t do it for you either. If you look at CBD, it’s main purpose is to serve as an anti-epileptic medication. In fact, the FDA has approved CBD for just that, to treat seizures in patients suffering from epilepsy, that too a rather specific form of epilepsy. Taking it for your Tinnitus makes no sense. The only way it might provide a placebo effect is by calming you down and relieving some anxiety, a feeling that almost all Tinnitus sufferers feel quite intensely. So, when a person feels less anxious, they feel better about themselves despite having Tinnitus. In other words, it gives them a chance to become accustomed to the ringing sound. This however doesn’t mean that CBD has provided Tinnitus relief.

THC is Addictive and might Increase your Tinnitus

The other medical marijuana product that has been touted to provide Tinnitus relief is THC. First of all, please know that THC is quite addictive as it gives you a high. Though it doesn’t provide Tinnitus relief, it might end up giving you an addiction problem if you like the high you get from it.

But, the more important reason why you must not rely on THC products for Tinnitus relief is simply because there is absolutely no evidence that it provides Tinnitus relief. IN fact, the only evidence that has been established is that THC can actually trigger Tinnitus or make Tinnitus much worse. Though such studies were conducted only on lab rats, there have been many anecdotal references of people complaining about a ringing in their ears, after they began to consume or inhale or ingest THC based products.

To sum it all up, medical marijuana in the form of CBD or THC will not help you with your Tinnitus. They might provide some anxiety relief that might help you cope with ear ringing better. But, there are much better solutions than CBD or THC if you are looking for such anxiety relief. There are teas, therapy, habituation, meditation, yoga and other ways to keep anxiety at bay.