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7 calves exercises that will make you proud wearing short this summer!

7 calves exercises

There may be many reasons why you want to strengthen and sculpt calf muscles. Whether it’s the approaching summer and the will to be able to show with strong legs. Or even in purely practical terms, to improve the bounce of a sport (e.g. basketball). For many there is only a problem? Where to take the time to even find after work their way to the gym? But there is an easier plus cheaper. Here we share some calves’ exercises that you can try very well at home, in order to achieve your goal. Slim calves and sexy legs can be easily achieved by adding a few extra steps to your daily routine. Together with a heart-healthy diet, plenty of water and two or three calf exercises a week, you will be able to see and feel your calves slim down. After selecting a pair of calf exercises that you’re familiar with, alternating them from week to week just to keep things interesting.

Much of our appearance we owe our genes. The development of muscles of our calves is characterized by genetic conditions. One athlete has inherently strong and massive legs with strong calves, while the other only thin legs has, often aesthetically not fit into the overall body image. The calf muscles are often neglected by many athletes. This is evident than in huge thighs, which are worn on the narrow, thin calves. Often it is because of the monotonous exercises that train many athletes only in short intervals. There are variety of different calves exercises that can be carried out both with or without weights. Preliminary you should know that the muscle portion of the fibula is divided into three main groups but. Below we explain the different muscle groups and their functions.

Gastrocnemius muscle:
The two-headed calf muscle gastrocnemius muscle is responsible for bending the foot down and flexion of the knee joint jurisdiction.

Soleus muscle:
The soleus or soleus muscle is working closely with the calf muscle and is responsible for standing on your toes.

Tibialis anterior muscle:
the tibialis anterior or tibialis anterior muscle pulls while walking the walk up or down. It is the antagonist of soleus and gastrocnemius.



Calf Raises

Standing or seated calf raises will reduce the size of your calves. The key is a large number of repetitions with little or no additional weight to the calves. If working out on a machine, not add weight or resistance. Keep your number of repetitions for four sets of 15 or 25 twice or more per week.



Calf raises on the stairs:

In this exercise, you need only one thing: a staircase. Have you found this, you can start already! To perform the exercise, you stand with your front foot on any stage. Then lift the heel. This movement repeat until you move into your calves feel and hear when it starts about to go into the pain. For advanced athletes this exercise can be intensified by briefly holding the position after lifting. Holding the position makes it difficult to exercise.

Flights of stairs
This exercise can conveniently be directly attached to the calf raise, because you need a staircase here. It is important that you place too long breaks after a completed unit. Otherwise, the calf muscles relax too much and the training effect will decrease toward zero.




Heel Raises:

Standing parallel to a wall, place a rolled towel under the balls of your feet so that it makes a ledge where you heels will drop down below your toes. Place your hands on the wall for support and raise your heels off the floor. Pause, tighten your calf muscles and slowly lower your heels to the floor. To keep time, count to ten slowly for each repetition. Repeat the exercise doing a slow count for the next 90 seconds.



The elongation of the calf:

Stretching elongates and strengthens the calf muscles, making them healthier and slimmer. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, toes straight, and bend your knees enough to lower your body (called a quarter squat) by about six inches. Hold the squat for 30 seconds, then raise your body back up without closing the knees instead. Repeat the exercise 12 to 15 times twice or more per week.




Cardio training such as swimming, hiking, biking and skipping all help reduce bone mass and increase the strength of your heart. If swimming and cycling are not an option, parking farther away from the store or try to perform to check the mailbox. The more you work in a quick workout, the faster you will trim determined your calves.



Rockers with weights:
As an alternative to calf raises on the stairs, you can also select this exercise. Here you take a weight on the shoulder and then tapping his toes up and down. The exercise repeat themselves likewise until you feel a burning sensation in the calves.



Jump soles:
The last method is somewhat controversial, but also one of the most effective ways to strengthen the calf muscles. You need so-called Jump soles which can be purchased on the Internet. This fix then their training shoes. It is nothing but a continuous run on the toes. But be careful! Although many basketball players swear by the efficiency, this training is fraught definitely a high risk of injury.

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