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Modified GRF is known to provide the same biological effects as GHRH which include muscle growth (hypertrophy), developed lipolysis, improved bone development, accelerated metabolism and also healing of wounds. It provides for an overall positive influence on the immune system and also helps with blood sugar regulation. MOD GRF (1-29) is an artificial peptide analogue of growth-hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH). Having been released in the 80’s, it is revealed that the first 29 amino acids of GHRH possessed all of the biological roles that come associated with the 44 full-length residue proteins.

Modified GRF (1-29)

Modified GRF (1-29) is known to undergo alteration for the purpose if including four substituted amino groups in its chain. The amino modifications are known to protect the peptide from both oxidation as well as degradation during transport as well as manufacturing. GRF is biologically potent like GHRH and the duration of action is reduced to short half-life. The best thing about this is that it is known to support some extensive range of health conditions. It turns out to be quite crucial for many of the bodily functions at one go. When there is a lack of a specific peptide, that our body is not able to produce, it leads to pathological conditions and this is where these peptides are known to come across as a huge support. 

Wide range of support in health sphere

Researchers have highlighted that modified GRF and other GHRH derivatives that are known to significantly increase the capacity of the heart to pump blood even after one has a heart attack. These are proven to be of great potential in recovering the quality of life. It is known to bring down the death rate and provides for the much needed protection. Modified GRF is used in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, heart attack, cardiac failure, and other diverse congenital heart conditions at large.


Modified GRF (1-29) is known to help with treating a lot of intestine related health conditions like short bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and much more. GRF bound with vasoactive intestinal peptide acts as receptors and improves bowel motility. It needs to be understood that improved bowel movement is of vital significance in inflammatory bowel diseases associated with constipation. The peptides smoothens muscle of the urinary, gastrointestinal as well as reproductive systems. This comes across as a great option as it is difficult to find other such options in this line. 

Biotech Peptides

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