Achieve Facial Appearance That You Always Wanted


Many people would like to change some features on their faces. Usually, those are the aging signs such as sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, but also some features that are not related to the aging process, such as nose job, dermal fillers, double chin reduction and many more.

Before you make a decision about any procedure, you should inform more, and the best way to do that is to talk with the specialist. He or she will give you a suggestion about the possible procedures, depending on the goal that you would like to achieve. It is very important that your surgeon is board-certified, and that he is experienced in the field that you are interested in.

Cosmetic procedures can be non-surgical or surgical, and they are effective but in a different level. Surgical procedures give significant transformations, but the recovery period usually lasts a few weeks, and you will probably experience swelling, pain, redness, irritation, and possible side effects may appear. This should usually pass after a few days, if not, you will have to see your doctor.

Non-surgical procedures are usually comfortable during and after the procedure, and there is no downtime, which means that you can return to your everyday activities, right after the treatment. The practitioner is usually using appliances that are based on the ultrasound or laser energy, and sometimes it is necessary to repeat the session to get the results that you want.

Some of the most popular surgical procedures

Aging signs are something that many people would like to eliminate or reduce. Anti-aging procedures are the most popular ones, and we can single out the classical facelift procedure. This procedure gives the best results, but it is also the most invasive one. The surgeon is creating the long cut in the hairline and next to the ears, so he can pull the skin and tighten it. Muscles will be corrected, and fat tissue removed.

Effective nose procedure

The nose reduction surgery Sydney from Dr Hodgkinson is also a very requested procedure. Many men and women would like to change the shape of their nose, to correct a deviated septum or any other issue that they have with their nose. The nose reduction procedure will give your face a new improved look, and it will make your nose look natural.

For people who have expressed aging signs around their eyes, the eyelid procedure is the best option. This procedure will give your eyes wider and “younger look”, and it will reduce the sagging skin on the upper eyelids.Photos of eyelid surgery before and after according to Dr Hodgkinson can show you amazing results of this procedure.

Eyelid procedure results

Final word

Face without wrinkles, fat deposits around your neck or excess skin on your lower face and eyes is possible with these amazing surgical procedures. Mildly improvements are achieved with non-surgical procedures, so if you would like to avoid cuts and anesthesia, these procedures are best for you.


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