About Intensive and Minimal Drug Rehab Treatment


    Cigna is a health insurance company that is providing products to employers and organizations around the world. Cigna has a presence in 30 countries that the company is offering health insurance products and services through a variety of subsidiaries. Cigna alcohol rehab does are providing mental health and substance abuse services to customers, and the goal of these services. This is finding the most appropriate level of care for the individual, to help them improve their level of functionality.

    Cigna alcohol rehab Offer Intensive and Minimal Drug Rehab Treatment

    • Inpatient drug rehab is the most intensive form of treatment they offer. Inpatient is for people who are needed immediate life intervention a break from the environment and the drugs that are harming them. 
    • Inpatient treatment can be ranged from 30-90 days, and while most people don’t want to put their lives on hold for 1-3 months, they find out after doing so that it was the best investment into themselves that they could have ever made.
    • People need intensive addiction treatment services, such as householders whose family depends solely on their income for sustenance and an intensive outpatient is a next-best option. 
    • At IOP, you can be expecting the same therapy, programs, groups, and addiction treatment that you would find in inpatient treatment. 
    • They are having regular outpatient services for program graduates and individuals who don’t need inpatient or IOP, which is much less intensive. Aftercare is vitally testing to a recovering addict’s long-term sobriety.
    • Cigna alcohol rehab is offering three levels of health insurance plans for those suffering from an addiction such as bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze plans are offering the least-expensive monthly premiums, while gold plans are offering lower copays, out-of-pocket expenses, and coinsurance rates.



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