A Look at Herbalife Tea Ingredients


For forty years, Herbalife Nutrition has been well-known in the health and wellness industry for providing consumers with a range of different nutrition products. These products are designed to help people achieve their personal wellness goals, which can include getting to an ideal weight, managing stress, and overcoming anxiety.

While Herbalife has many different products, one of the company’s more popular offerings is its teas. They not only taste great but are good for you and can help you to lead a happy and healthy life. Below are three of Herbalife’s most popular teas, including the ingredients that you will find in them.

Herbalife Green Tea

Green tea continues to be one of the most commonly consumed beverages and forms of tea in the world. While we’ve been drinking it as a hot beverage for centuries, today, it is also popular chilled and served over ice. Those who are looking for a new green tea option should consider Herbalife’s green tea.

The product has zero calories and is full of antioxidants, which can help to boost your metabolism while also helping to keep your body clean. The main ingredients are green tea extract, natural pomegranate flavoring, and a stevia-derived natural sweetener.

All of these ingredients help to give the Herbalife Green Tea a smooth taste and a light pomegranate accent. While green tea extract has some natural caffeine in it, each serving provides only 25mg of caffeine, which is less than a standard cup of coffee.

N-R-G Tea

Another popular tea in Herbalife’s collection is N-R-G Tea, which is short for Natural Raw Guarana Tea. This tea is ideal for someone that would like to have a little bit more caffeine. Each serving contains 40mg of caffeine to improve your overall mental alertness and clarity and fight off fatigue during the busier times of your life.

This tea has a variety of natural sweeteners in it. The ingredient list of the N-R-G Tea includes natural lemon peel flavoring, orange pekoe, guarana seed extract, and caffeine powder.

Relaxation Tea

At the end of the evening, nothing is nicer than sitting down and unwinding with a relaxing cup of Herbalife Relaxation Tea. This tea is designed to help you come down from a busy day and rid your body of stress. There are a variety of ingredients in this tea that can help you to unwind, including lemon balm extract, lavender extract, chamomile flower powder, and passion flower powder extract.

For a smooth and calming taste, the tea contains natural spearmint, peppermint, and lavender flavorings as well.