A Guide on What Is Sensitive Skin and How to Take Care of It


First impressions last. While many people teach us not to judge books by their covers, people’s appearances can tell us a lot about a person. That’s why many people take grooming so seriously. What are you doing to ensure that your face looks clean and healthy? Getting a facial promotion or skin and beauty products are worthwhile investments to keep up with modern beauty standards in Singapore.

Have you noticed that most people tend to focus on the skin when they’re creating their beauty routines? The skin is considered the largest organ of the human body. The state of your skin can drastically impact your appearance. But at the same time, it’s one of the few things you can change or protect without the need for expensive treatments. Other things like the shape of your jaw or your facial structure might require more advanced procedures.

If you want to preserve the state of your skin, you might only need skin protectors and regular beauty products. No one wants to encourage the development of acne, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. Preserving the state of your skin should be one of your biggest concerns when it comes to beauty regimens.

What are skin types?

Do you know how to build a proper skincare regimen? It’s not just a matter of getting the best facial treatment in Singapore. What works best for one individual might not work well for you. Has there ever been an instance where someone recommended a skincare product to you, but it didn’t live up to the hype? That’s because your skin type might differ from that person’s. Using skin care products not meant for your skin type may result in reduced effectiveness. It might even worsen your skin problems! Here is a short description of some of the most common skin types:

1) Normal skin type. This skin type does not have any special needs. Minimal care is needed for one to maintain a healthy complexion.

2) Dry skin. People with this skin type tend to have tight or flaky skin. This is due to the reduced amount of skin oils that their body produces. People with dry skin tend to need moisturisers to hydrate their skin and eliminate the roughness.

3) Oily skin. If you’re prone to acne and your face always looks greasy or shiny, then you’ve got an oily skin type. People with oily skin have the opposite problem as people with dry skin– they tend to produce too much skin oil. Skin oil (or sebum) collects on the surface of their skin, giving it its shiny appearance. It can also clog pores and encourage the growth of acne.

4) Combination skin. When you have a combination skin type, your skincare routine is a bit more complicated than the first three. Having a combination skin type means your skin has the characteristics of more than one type. Thus, the best facial treatment for you may differ depending on the area of your skin.

There’s another skin type that may be less common, but still affects a lot of people. Having sensitive skin means that you have special skincare needs to prevent skin problems like rashes or itchiness. People with sensitive skin tend to react more strongly to outside elements. They might trigger allergic reactions and other negative effects that can damage your skin.

What does having sensitive skin entail?


If you’ve got sensitive skin, you have to be much more careful about the skincare products and treatments you use. If you don’t pay attention to them, you might do more harm than good to your skin.

For people with sensitive skin, it’s normal to experience sensations of itchiness or burning. They might require more visits to the dermatologist than other people may need. You might need more than just a facial treatment for sensitive skin if your case is more severe.

So what causes sensitive skin? It depends on your particular circumstances. Some people have sensitive skin caused by genetics. Others have skin disorders that make them extra sensitive–for example, eczema. Others are due to allergies. These skin conditions can damage or dry out the skin, leading to more intense skin reactions.

Do you have sensitive skin? You can still lead a normal life with a sensitive skin type, but you must prepare to take on the challenges. Here are a few general tips for those who need to live with sensitive skin.

1) Don’t purchase strong soaps and products with alcohol. Yes, you need to cleanse your skin, but cleaning your skin with such strong products can damage it. Look for a facial treatment or cleanser with milder ingredients for your face. This will lessen skin itchiness and prevent your skin from drying out. Better yet, the soaps and cleansers that you use should be fragrance-free as this lessens your chances of using ingredients not meant for your skin.

2) Avoid coming into contact with things that can trigger your sensitivity. The golden rule of caring for sensitive skin is avoiding things that can trigger it. The things that can trigger skin reactions can vary from individual to individual. For some, it could be dust and dander. For others, it could be sunlight or other seemingly harmless things. Check your skincare products for any harsh ingredients that can damage your skin.

3) Use lukewarm water to bathe yourself, not hot. Even excessive heat is known to trigger sensitive skin. Don’t use very hot water in your baths. It can dry your skin out much more quickly. Use lukewarm water as it’s friendlier for your skin.

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