7 Signs That May Indicate Your Child Is Developing Flat Feet In Children


Flat feet in children, referred to as paediatric flat feet, are a common condition that they generally develop at two to three years old. Apparently, flat feetdo not show any symptoms, especially at birth. It shows up over the years.


As a parent, you’re probably curious about how you can find out if your child has flat feet. To determine whether or not they developed the condition, here are the following symptoms of flat feet.

  1. An outward arch at the centre of their foot and tilt at the heel
  2. Sudden awkward changes when stepping, walking, or standing
  3. Difficulty moving the foot
  4. Difficulty when wearing or pain with shoes on
  5. Persistent pain and tenderness from the leg, knee, the foot
  6. Reduced energy in physical or everyday activities, such as walking or jogging
  7. Voluntary withdrawal from physical activities


  • Serial casting. This treatment option is when a podiatric realigns the foot placement after birth
  • Custom-made orthotic devices. If your child has flat feet, they are highly likely to use custom orthotic devices to serve as extra support to the structure of the foot and help improve its function.
  • In-clinic therapy. Depending on the case, flat feet in childrenwould also require stretching leg-to-foot exercises with the supervision of a podiatric physician.
  • Medications. Although this would not totally treat flat feet, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help alleviate the pain and swelling of flat feet in children.
  • Shoe equipment. A podiatric physician would also recommend using footwear with modifications or characteristics suitable for the case of flat feet in your child.

Paediatric flat feet have two classifications, which are symptomatic or asymptomatic. Most of the time, flat feet in children do not show symptoms or visible signs beyond their actual appearance. In this case, it is asymptomatic. Consult your podiatric physician immediately if that is the case.

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