5 most popular massages 


There are various types of massages that focus on different types of body parts or healing approaches. Massage therapist will put Pressure gently or strongly on your muscles, tendons ligament and bones to relieve pain and tension. To know more about massages, contact us at  목포출장안마.

Swedish massage

This is most common in most fitness centres, gyms, spas, clinics and wellness centers. This type of massage is ideal for people who are new to massage, Have a lot of tension in muscles, or people who are very sensitive to touch. A massage therapist typically begins with broad strokes and transitions to smaller strokes with oil or lotion to address specific problems or location.

Shiatsu massage

This massage is a form of japanese body work, massage therapist uses finger tips to apply pressure in rhythmic sequence along the body.Pressure is applied at each point for about 2 to 8 seconds to stimulate acupressure points and to enhance flow of energy across to regain equilibrium.

Thai Massage:

It is a combination of massage with assisted yoga, stretching, pressure massage movements. The massage therapist stretches you in a sequence of postures as you lie on a mat on the floor. The massage therapist uses rhythmic compression movement along the energy lines of your body to reduce stress and enhance flexibility and range of motion. This type of massage can help in reducing back pain and anxiety. It is done fully clothed. Look for us at 목포출장안마 to find more what we have to offer for you.

Pregnancy massage:

This is designed for expectant mother’s needs but it is also often used to promote relaxation. Since most pregnant women suffer from lower back pain or swollen ankles, sometimes this is the best way to provide them relaxation without having to administer any drugs. Look for  specialised and certified and experienced therapists.


The therapist uses massaging techniques like kneading and rubbing to promote relaxation and healing. This type of therapy can be  deeply relaxing if you have achy feet or you stand on your feet all day. You can remain completely clothed other than your shoes and socks.

When you look for a therapist, talk to different practitioner’s and see who understands your needs the best and are familiar with people with the same concerns as yours.  Also make sure that you are checking with the therapist regarding any allergies to oils or scents that you have. Reach out to us at 목포출장안마  and Schedule your next massage with us.