4 Ways You Can Do To Perfect The Hair Balayage Technique!


Balayage in Singapore is a prevailing, most sought-after hair trend and the perfect hair technique for a seamless look. It’s a hair colouring treatment that gives a careful, free-hand painting on your hair’s surface. The process helps create a natural blended look with natural contrast between light and dark tones. There’s no reason for ladies not to try balayage at least once.

Balayage is widely beloved due to its versatility also and the less maintenance it needs than your traditional highlights. If you are looking for a way to make your balayage hair look better on your own, here are ways to perfect the technique itself:

Choose the right product.

The secret to beautiful balayage hair also lies in the product that you will use. Believe it or not, the technique is not just in the hands of the painter. But also in the products that you (or the painter) will apply to your hair. Balayage often results best if the product comes in the form of a shell because it helps avoid a transfer. Hence clay-based are widely chosen for this technique. You may want a product that will help you disperse the contrast in an organic manner, such as lightening powder and oil developer.

Pay close attention to details.

A cleaner technique (and mastering it) requires a skill that lets you pay close attention and learn the details that come with the procedure. So what are these basic details? It includes the amount of product you plan to use and determines if they are sufficient enough to create desirable results. Also, consider the movement of your hands, the consistency of the formula and the pressure when applying these products.

Explore a variety of colours.

Creating gorgeous balayage hair is about executing these creative ideas. These are the colours that contrast and blend well with your natural hue. Try to feel your hair and observe how the product will respond, and see if the colour compliments well to enhance your look. It’s often best to consult with hair specialists or look online for inspiration.

Know how to maintain your hair.

A successful balayage hair doesn’t end after painting your hair. The post-procedure starts, and you need to have an idea of how to look after your hair and maintain your balayage. With those gorgeous effects and little maintenance, rocking a balayage may be a breeze. However, understand that those effects may start to fade quicker than you realise without proper care and maintenance!

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