4 Marijuana Strains Known As The Best Marijuana Strains For Creativity


People mainly consume marijuana as it gives them a good kick and helps them forget about the day’s stress. There are mainly three types of marijuana strain, and they are indica, sativa, and hybrids. You must have an idea about what you want to achieve by smoking marijuana. People smoke marijuana for its medicinal properties or to relax and have a nice time.

People who want to have a nice, relaxing, and calm evening try marijuana strain with higher levels of indica. Weeds with more levels of sativa are responsible for the creative, energetic, and uplifting effects on the body. Smoking a sativa strain weed gives the user access to different parts of the brain that helps with the creative process allowing new ideas and concepts to form in mind. Therefore, before any brainstorming sessions, many people try sativa strains, known as the best marijuana strains for creativity. This blog will explain four such strains that are known as the best marijuana strains for creativity. 

1- AK-47

Though the name is often associated with death, destruction, and massacre, that is not the case with the AK-47 marijuana strain. The ratio of sativa to indica is 65:35, making it the ideal choice when you need the creative juices to flow. This particular strain is derived from Afghan, Colombia, Mexico, and Thai countries and helps deliver the perfect high for all the brainstorming sessions. A couple of puffs of AK-47 and all your inner thoughts and creative ideas will start pouring in one by one. 

2- Chem dog

One of the best marijuana strains for creativity is the Chem dog and is a favorite of many connoisseurs. Chem dog is also known as the source of big and powerful strains such as sour diesel and OG kush, high-level sativa plants. The Chem dog’s origin has been traced back to Nepal and Thai countries, and it is often used by people who want to have an energetic and creative day. Some feel Chem dog’s effects to be overwhelming, but it does help the mind race and find solutions to big problems. 

3- Sour diesel

The ideal choice of people who want to experience a mind-altering high often consumes sour diesel weed. It is also one of the main reasons why it is considered one of the best marijuana strains for creativity. Due to its strong and pungent smell, it also leaves traces, and people can easily identify the aroma of the sour diesel. When the sour diesel is consumed in a group, you may feel the need to talk continuously, increasing brain activity. 

4- Jack herer

One of the rare strains that can also enhance your productivity and help you relax and have a calm evening. The mind is very attentive, energized, and often more aware of the surroundings helping you have clearer thoughts. A smoke of this strain will help you feel the creative juices flowing through your mind for quite some time and is often used by people who need to come up with new and exciting ideas for work constantly. 

To sum it up

The weed mentioned above can help you have a creative day and is considered some of the best marijuana strains for creativity. For more details, you can go online at Homegrown Cannabis Co.