3 Frequently Asked Questions About Soft Rebonding in Singapore



When you want to change something about yourself, the easiest and most noticeable thing you could go for is your hair. Hair is a big part of what makes or breaks your appearance so changing it can mean big things for you. Hair appearance is why procedures such as hair rebonding can have a price that seems exorbitant at first glance.

But as you will know, these prices are worth it because of how much they can drastically change your appearance for the better. People invest a lot of money to keep their hair looking great.

In the world of hair treatments and services, soft rebonding in Singapore reigns as the one to help you achieve and maintain straight hair. Here are some FAQs of hair rebonding that you need to know.

1) What is hair rebonding?

Hair rebonding is the process of chemically relaxing your hair. It involves a chemical straightener applied to your hair and left to stay for several minutes. This ends in straighter hair by changing its chemical composition. Your hairstylist uses heat to break the amino acid bonds of the hair and refashion it, helping you to change its shape whether curly or straight. Most people prefer to have straight hair when they use this treatment. You can change the shape of your hair no matter how straight or curly they are through hair rebonding treatment.

2) How long do hair rebonds take?

You better get comfortable when you’re rebonding your hair. Depending on the hair rebonding price, you can be looking at several hours taken to rebond the hair. Hair rebonds can take upwards of 4 to 5 hours when done properly. The lengthy time is due to the long process it takes to get the hair done. Not only does the hair need shampooing, but the chemical solution has to stay on the hair for several minutes. It is then heated for another several minutes and washed or rinsed repeatedly.

3) Do hair rebonds last?

Yes, soft rebonding in Singapore definitely lasts a long time. Though it is not a permanent treatment, it is a semi-permanent one. It can last up to 6-12 months if cared for properly.

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