3 Best labs for CBC ESR Tests in Delhi NCR


Complete Blood Count with Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate is a crucial series of tests that implies the emergence of several disorders. These health issues are mostly related to our body’s immune response. The test is carried out by taking blood from the veins with the help of a syringe mostly from the veins of arms. Even though the test is simple but it requires good equipment and following standard protocols. These steps are not followed by many laboratories, hence, it is crucial to choose a medical lab which follows standard procedures and is well-equipped with good instruments and tools.

Best Medical Laboratories in Delhi NCR

Here are the best 3 diagnostic Laboratories that provide good services and have accreditations from several government authorities:

Hindustan Wellness

The laboratories of Hindustan Wellness have numerous perks that service seekers can get. It conducts the CBC ESR test with utmost perfection.

  • It has multiple laboratories located in and near Delhi and NCR. Besides, it performs thousands of tests every week which yield 100% accurate results.
  • The laboratories are all NABL certified which means it has an inclusion of instruments and tools that are of the highest standards. It scrutinizes the proficiency level of testers and testing products to ensure the provision of quality services.
  • It also has USA-FDA approval which ensures zero risk of potential harms that emerge in medical centres.
  • You can opt for consultations with specialized doctors and experienced nutritionists through the browser and application of this chain of medical labs.
  • The organized laboratories have gained the trust of millions of customers in the short span of their existence.
  • The laboratories are well-staffed with highly experienced professionals.
  • It also provides services of free sample collection from home in Delhi and NCR.
  • Furthermore, the prices of each test are affordable to people without hampering the quality of their services.

SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics is one of the largest chains of diagnostic centres in India with its headquarters in Gurugram.

  • It provides diagnostic services in the departments of radiology, pathology, clinical trials, occupational health etc.
  • Besides, it has over 40 labs throughout India including Delhi and NCR that are NABL accredited.
  • Furthermore, out of the 40 plus laboratories four have accreditation from CAP.
  • The diagnostic centres can be accessed for getting over 3500 types of tests.
  • You can opt for their services through their website and mobile app. They offer several packages at good pricing.
  • You can book a collection of samples by uploading your prescription on the site. Additionally, get the reports on the app or site.
  • The organization has also marked its footprints abroad like in Nepal, Phakde and Dubai.


Thyrocare is one of the first chains of medical labs that are fully automated. All the labs under this group provide CBC and ESR testing.

  • This foundation manages its operations for esoteric tests with the inculcation of a Centralized Processing Laboratory (CPL) which is presently located in Mumbai.
  • The laboratories under Thyrocare are an amalgamation of strong brands, implementing strong technologies along with strong systems.
  • This group of medical labs is the first one in India to get prestigious international accreditation ISO 9001-2000 in the year 2001.
  • The management and system are created meticulously and are operated by well-trained manpower with good experience in the field.
  • Besides, the quality and affordability of this group of laboratories are top-notch.
  • All the included networks of Thyrocare are authorized and equipped with the best types of machinery and tools.
  • Furthermore, it has very strong logistics and IT services that enable the workforce to give optimum quality of services.

CBC and ESR tests are very important when it comes to identifying reasons for several bodily discomforts such as recurring fever and joint pains. But carrying these tests out requires minute skills. So choosing a laboratory for conducting this test is crucial. An ideal lab should follow internal protocols to assure accurate reports to the patients.