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5 Worst Foods For Weight Loss

weight lossIs learning about the worst foods for weight loss effective in losing weight? Take the easy road and learn what food you should avoid to achieve

Do you recall the feeling of making a mistake and then having to admit it and say you were sorry? That is not a good feeling. It is one we all try to avoid, but one that we have all experienced. We are human right? It is similar to realizing you may have been eating the wrong foods that you didn’t know were halting your progress to shed unwanted pounds.

We are always looking for good things to add to our lives, so it is also good to learn what you should shy away from. Learning about the kind of foods you should stay away from is another step closer to your goals. It gives you an advantage so that you have one more path without resistance.

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5 Worst Foods For

Bagel. A bagel is a large amount of wheat, gluten and other things we can’t pronounce to eat for one meal. Bagels are too large in size for what you body can digest quickly. The bagels that are made with enriched flour is a double whammy. Enriched flour breaks down into sugar which is food for fat cells.

Soda. Soda is full of sugar. Sugar is food for fat cell growth. Artificial sweeteners are not any better. They can inhibit proper digestion. The carbonation in soda causes bloating and indigestion.

Butter. Butter is very fattening with a high fat calorie count. Butter contains trans-fats and is not good for your overall health. Don’t add it to your food. Use olive oil or canola oil instead.

White rice. White rice is usually eaten in large amounts. The proper amount for good digestion and fat burning would be about a ¼ of a cup. White rice, like the bagel, is converted into sugar. Choose brown rice instead.

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