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The Importance of Exercise & Nutrition

Nutrition is a very important factor in determining if we succeed or fail when it comes to achieving our fitness goals. With the uprising of processed food and the increase in the size of the portions we eat, our health is being compromised by this epidemic. We also have to make sure we eat a balanced diet. If our bodies doesn’t get the necessary nutrients it needs to be able to function we are more susceptible to diseases and may possible even die. The necessary nutrients in our body aids good health, which gives us the ability to walk, talk see, think, and the list goes on. Without these essential nutrients you will not be able to do the simple every day tasks we take for granted. You are what you eat, so if your eating fast food on a consistent basis, you will definitely feel the negative repercussions of that decision. If you decide to eat a nice healthy balanced diet, you will definitely feel the positive effects of that decision. When it comes to life, the little choices we make everyday often determine if we achieve we goals we set for ourselves.

Exercise has changed the live of many people across the world, whether it has benefited them mentally or physically. Being active does not only help us lose fat or tone muscle but it helps our body function better and brings clarity to our minds.

There are numerous benefits to exercise that are listed below.

Benefits Of Exercise:

Weight Loss

Increases The Rate Of Calcium That Is Put Into Our Bones Which Causes Our Bones To Become Stronger

Increases Antibodies And Immune Cell Responses Which Helps Boost The Immune System.

Helps Brain Function Because Exercise Amplifies Nerve Growth Of Several Nerve Cells

Shields Nerves And Cells In The Brain From Erosion & Injury

Helps Blood Flow More Efficiently Through The Body

Strengthens The Heart

Prevents Depression

This list could go on forever if I really wanted to list every single benefit of exercise. The main point is that exercise is essential in creating a healthy lives for ourselves and we should all participate in some type of physical activity.

My clients always want to know if they should do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Steady Pace Workouts. No matter how many times I get this question I always tell everyone it simply depends. These two workouts affect your body in two different ways which cause two different reactions in your body.

Lets take a deeper look.

There are two types of muscle fibers in your body. There is the slow twitch and the fast twitch. The slow twitch muscle fiber is basically used for endurance and stamina while the fast twitch is used for faster movements like power lifts and sprints. The problem with steady pace workouts is when completed at an extended period of time it can cause catabolism which is the break down of muscle tissue. This is an issue for people that want to burn fat but also keep their muscle mass.

When you compare their muscle mass it is significantly different and that is because the muscle fibers that they have built up overtime through countless hours of workouts. This bring me back to the two types of workouts. You rarely see a muscular long distance runner just like you rarely see a skinny sprinter.

There are also difference energy sources used to support these two different types of workouts but I will get to that in my next post regarding this topic.

Remember that knowledge is power, but it is one thing to have knowledge, and its another thing to apply the knowledge.

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