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How To Improve Your Chest Workout And Build A Bigger Chest

Build A Bigger Chest

Let’s face it: A vast number of guys are crazy about build a bigger chest. After all, why shouldn’t they? A massive chest looks awesome and stands for strength and your ability to push stuff around explosively. That being said, most of those guys end up training dead wrong, keeping themselves from gaining a bigger chest. Here are 4 of the most common mistakes you will see people do at the gym and how you can avoid them.

1. DON’T NEGLECT SQUEEZINGbuild a bigger chest

The biggest mistake people make in their chest workout is that they only do pushing exercises, or the volume of pressing work outweighs the amount of squeezing exercises tremendously. Let’s just take a quick look the bench press. It is one of the most known exercises out there, even someone with no idea of training will know it. If you want to build a massive, powerful chest you have to do squeezing exercises! This of vast importance, because for some people the ideal ratio is, believe it or not, 50/50.


Shoulders and triceps are of huge importance for your chest training – when they’re sore you won’t be able to overload your chest as hard as you could. You will move less weight than you could with your triceps and shoulders being rested. Don’t train your triceps and anterior deltoid 1-2 days before your chest workout. Doing so will decrease the amount of strength potential in these muscles and will ultimately lead to moving less weight.


Many advanced people fall into the trap of keeping their chest training too short. Once you have come to a certain level, you won’t be able to ensure ongoing chest growth. Doing supersets and other techniques to add intensity and spare time is a good thing, nothing against that. However, don’t cut your chest workouts too short. It won’t be enough to train your chest for just 30 minutes. Once you’re advanced and got some mass on your chest, you need to workout chest with intensity for 50-60 minutes. Don’t do a complete pushing workout. No shoulders, no triceps. Chest only.untitled


Not only the time under tension during a set is important for stimulation muscle growth. You should always consider the right amount of time for your rest in between sets. Basically speaking: The higher the intensity, the more rest will your body need to perform at the same level in your next set. Doing low rep sets with a high intensity or supersets will take you a longer time to recover and do the same thing again. Make sure you know how long it takes your body to recover between your sets to keep the rest intervals as short as possible. For the best hypertrophic response, never rest longer than necessary.


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