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Does eating at night make you gain weight ?

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If you overeat during the day instead of late at night, there’s no difference in the effect  of those extra calories. Gain weight  is such a precise activity that if you eat too much in just one meal but stick to your meal plan for the rest of the day, you can fail to lose fat that day. Expect found to meal frequency: many small meals per day are the best way to lose weight. If your schedule or lifestyle is better suited to larger meal at night, don’t worry it wont get in the way of hitting your goal. Instead of trying to tough it out for hours and hours with no food at night, plan your meal so you can eat on a schedule that you like while maintain a caloric deficit, and you will lose weight.

A study by scientists at Oregon Health and Science University examined the eating habits of increase weight patterns of rhesus monkeys, which they considered to be a useful model for studying human obesity . The study found that the monkeys who ate most of their food at night were at no greater risk to gain weight than those who chose to eat earlier in the day. Such evidence supports the claims of many health professionals and organizations, including the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), that it’s the amount of calories you take in, not the time of day you consume them, that affects the amount of weight gained or lost.

However, gain weight from night eating may go beyond the types of foods we choose at that time.

He points to a study by a team of researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois that fed two groups of mice the same amount of calories at different times of the day. One group was fed at night, which is when nocturnal mice usually eat, and the second group was fed during the day when mice usually sleep. “The mice that were given the calories when they should have been asleep gain weight so much more than the ones that were fed at night [when mice are usually awake]


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