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1) If you’ve ever started a  fitness diet or made a resolution to hit the gym, you’ve run into the plateau effect. It’s the brutal force of nature that gives you early success, but then then keeps the needle on your scale firmly in place, no matter how much time you spend on the elliptical

2) The HYSTERICAL CRUSADE AGAINST the carbohydrate has reached a frantic pitch these days. we have come learned that saturated fats aren’t the devil heart killers they were made out to be. This excludes the processed form, trans fat, which is known to increase risk of heart disease, other health issue

3) If we’re to believe the leader of carbohydrate Inquisition, this molecule will force us to be fat,break our metabolism, Lead us to develop diabetes and other diseases, and generally turn us into hungry, horrible people.

4) If you ditch the diabolic carbohydrate “experts” claim you will melt fat away and keep it off (without having to count pesky calories), build an invincible immune system, live forever, and maybe even develop superpowers.

5) Tired of the same old running route? You’re not still running around the block twenty times, are you? If you are, think about finding a new running route. While it may be a little awkward at first, your runs will become much more interesting and enjoyable if you run different routes.

6) Among many benefits, swimming for fitness can improve your sleep patterns, lower your cholesterol levels, improve digestion and keep you well toned. Swimming can also build cardio-respiratory good shape and muscle mass, help those suffering from asthma or arthritis, help you to lose weight and be used for injury rehabilitation.

7) Exercise is a great way to get a healthier, stronger body. It can also be a great way to relax and make you happier. It is important to remember, though, that you should always alternate between different types of exercise to ensure that your whole body gets the attention it needs. If you want to get started exercising to improve your quality of life, read below for helpful explanations, tips, and example workout routines for every ability level and lifestyle.

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