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How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle Mass ? Here’s the Truth

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We all have different body types, so it’s obvious that some people may be able to build muscle mass faster than others. When you are trying to build muscle and burn fat, it comes down to your routine, the food you eat, and your body type. Consequently, if you want to know how long it would take you to build muscle, there’s simply no straightforward answer, however, if you choose the right specialist and the right muscle building diet, then it will take a couple of months to achieve your desired results.

Critical Factors for Muscle Growth

Various factors significantly determine the speed with which you will build muscle; it’s very important that you follow them, if you want to have a good looking, muscular body.

Body type

First, one of the major determinants on how long it can take you to build muscles mass is the type of your body. For obvious reasons, those with more fat on their bodies will take a longer period to get a beach body than someone who doesn’t have a great amount of fat. Many people tend to give up quickly on trying to lose their body fat and gain muscle because they do not notice the results they desire within a particular period. By knowing your type of body, you will quickly comprehend why it’s taking so long, and you won’t give up.

Muscle building diet

Have a healthy diet fit for muscle building. Bodybuilding does not only involve exercising your muscles, but also requires the intake of a proper nutrition and diet that allows you to develop muscles easily. Increase protein in the muscle building diet. They contain the amino acids that are building blocks in muscle development.

Eat well after exercise

Your post-workout calorie intake determines how quickly you build muscle and lose fat. You should take a protein shake or other protein supplement within an hour after finishing your exercise routine. This muscle building food provides muscle with the raw material to build tissue. The combination of calories with protein is one of the most critical elements of your routine that determine how long it would take you to build muscle mass.

Your exercises

Along with a proper diet, you need to perform proper exercises and workouts. Always make sure that you are doing your exercise routine correctly for them to be effective. This is one crucial thing in bodybuilding, whatever routine or program you are following. Many do not realize that to catalyze your muscles for faster growth, always be giving them something new to do. Do not stick with the same exercises week in and week out. Building muscles is not just about lifting all the weights at the gym but of course, making sure that you are doing everything correctly. This will allow you to develop the right muscles you want and prevent you from injuries as well.


Lastly, you need to take note of your progress with the bodybuilding routines. By tracing what goals you have achieved and those you need to accomplish, you will be more motivated in your workouts, to do more and attain your targets. Of course, avoid getting discouraged and don’t compare yourself to others. Your progress depends largely on your body type and your genes, so focus on yourself, and you will eventually attain your body building goals.

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