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What is the best protein powder for building lean muscle and weight loss?

If you ask the meathead at the local gym, you’re going to get one answer…

He’s gonna want something that packs on muscle fast, regardless of what else it does to his body.

Regardless of digestion issues such as gas, bloating, headaches, cramps and fatigue.

Regardless that over time, it could be “bad for the kidneys.”

Not to mention the dangerous levels of toxins, heavy metals, preservatives, antibiotics and steroids.

He’s just not gonna care.

So he gulps down (often cheap) whey protein products as his source.

All he cares about is… building muscle.

Now building muscle is important, it’s vital, I’d be the first to say that. But in my opinion, not at such a high cost, agreed?

If I’m drinking a supplemental protein shake, of course I’m going to want it to be CLEAN, as well as effective for muscle building.

You’d say the same thing, agreed?

Until recently, that’s been a pretty tall order because manufacturers considered product purity was a distant concern.

Actually, experts agreed, they said it couldn’t be done.

That is, until Drew Canole stepped into the protein supplement marketplace.

You may remember Drew. He’s the guy who turned the green drink marketplace on its head with his blockbuster product Organifi Green Drink.

With Organifi, you could rely on a pure product without all the nasty “extras.”

Now Drew is launching a brand new product and it’s taking the world by storm… Organifi Protein.

Fans of drew are going to love this.

With the state of the market, with everybody and their brother peddling inferior protein concoctions just to make a buck, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Drew took all his formulation learning and resources and applied them to formulating a CLEAN protein powder. It contains none of the drawbacks of other brands.

There’s no digestive issues. Amazingly, it’s actually quite good for the kidneys. 😉

There’s no worries about bad stuff getting into your system.

Drew’s created something special with Organifi Protein and now he wants to share it with you.

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If you value your health, if you are concerned about unknowingly ingesting toxic substances, I encourage you to check out Organifi Protein.

It’s the real deal.

Unlike over processed whey, Organifi Protein is a vegetable-based protein, containing all the essential amino acids to build lean muscle… support beautiful hair, skin and nails… as well as helping repair and rejuvenate your body.

As a bonus, and one of the BIG reasons it’s so popular, because of Organifi Protein’s thermogenesis attributes, IT BURNS FAT FOR YOU.

That’s right.

Just imagine a true breakthrough product, one that builds lean muscle… burns fat… and is contaminant free.

That’s Organifi Protein powder.

And even better, Drew has a sale going on right now to help get the word out.

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So go ahead get yours before supplies run out. I’m told it’s quickly becoming a best seller.

P.S. Organifi protein has one other attribute I forgot to mention.

It tastes great!

Drew knew a great tasting product was key to success based upon his popular Organifi Green Drink. (In fact, it’s won an award for it.)

So go ahead and give Organifi Protein a try. There’s even a guarantee.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased, as well as relieved you’re not ingesting anything that would gunk up your system.

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