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Top 10 Best Muscle Building Supplements

Top 10 Best Muscle Building Supplements

Protein supplements, as they are more commonly known very popular among all body building enthusiasts who are trying to work out for enhanced and faster results. These muscle building supplements provide the necessary compensation of protein and stamina to your body which can then endure heavy lifting and even excess sets of rigorous lifting or exercises for ‘that extra push’. Furthermore, if you are one of those individuals who have been spending hours and hours of your time in the gym and still haven’t been able to get those muscle cuts or your excess fat burnt, you definitely need a bit of help from protein supplements and muscle builders for the best results.

There are several muscle building products in the market today, more than thousands of them actually. However, only a few of them are good enough and make it to the top 10 not only because they are highly effective, but also because they have a minimum side effect or reaction and are used by major bodybuilding legends. Here is a look at our top 10 pick-

    1. 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein

Being one of the most popular protein supplements, this Gold Standard Whey Protein boasts of the concentration of 24 g of Whey Protein and Amino acids that help in fast muscle recovery as well as growth for better visible results. It is indeed the best product for muscle building as not only did it provide the much needed heavy protein support that was needed, it does taste amazing- just make a milkshake out of it and you have your protein drink ready to be taken after gym hours. As for the muscular results are concerned, my stamina was up and yes, those biceps and triceps cuts were finally chipped right and were clearer. I would recommend this protein supplement to anyone who has the will to go on and will not stop at anything less than perfection (a completely ripped body).

Before I had tried Gold Standard Whey Protein, I used to consider Pre JYM as the best protein supplement for all bodybuilding needs- be it a stamina enhancer or a strength gainer. Pre JYM as the name suggests is a pre-workout product that you can have before going for your muscle building workout. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Pre JYM has some of the best protein compounds and other scientifically strong protein absorbers and enhancers that help you build muscles faster. It does combine science and its amazing ingredients for an unrealistically well performing and delivering protein supplement.

  1. Pro JYM

Another masterpiece in protein and muscle building supplements is the Pro JYM which is yes as a matter of fact, from the same company as that of the Pre JYM. So, where PreJYM is a pre-workout mixture to be taken for stamina, Pro JYM is a recovery drink that will fuel your muscle strength for the maximum growth and strength in the long run. Boasting of unrealistically fast and unbelievable results, this protein supplement is a must get if you have only pone agenda on your cards- to get shredded in te least possible time without losing flexibility or strength in any manner. Whey is good but hooking to it right in the beginning wasn’t really a smart move by me and for those who took this, in the beginning, they got the right blend of high-performance proteins that gave them a better-shredded body in a very limited time.

    1. C4

And just like the C4 explosive, this muscle building protein supplement gives a tremendous amount of uncontrollable energy that gives the much-needed pump to the muscles in case you are exhausted beyond limits. The fourth generation of this supplement now contains some of the best ingredients like Creatine for the best possible lean muscular growths and endurance. If you love pushing beyond the limits and keep on going even after you can’t anymore, C4 is the right supplement for you. The explosive energy surges through your body during the training time. Not only does it motivate you and keeps you going on and on for the best performance delivery, it also gives you the necessary strength for long-term improvement in stamina as well.

    1. Lean Mode

And finally, there’s a burner as good as a gainer that it can’t be neglected any further. Just like the name suggests, this muscle building supplement is a great product that not only helps you gain the much-needed strength and endurance but helps in controlling your appetite as well. It contains a high amount of Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which helps in appetite control. It also affects the body synthesis of fat from carbohydrates. Not that I ever used it (I was already well in lean mode myself), the product has been very popular among the people who have that extra tuft of fat on their body that needs to be reduced for a chiselled shredded body.

    1. Essential AmiN.O. Energy


Just like the name suggests, this muscle building supplement is actually a powder with added enhanced proteins that can give you intense focus as well as strength to train longer and harder. Amino Acids happen to be the main ingredient of this muscle building supplement. This energy supplement can be taken every time you require it- whether it is before the training, during the training or after the training, AmiN.O. Energy can help you get back in and focus on your training by giving you the crucial energy that you have always wanted to push beyond limits. What’s even better is that you get to choose among the different flavours to get the one you’d love to have- 8 fruit flavours and 3 cafe options. You can always increase the number of scoops (not too much) for prolonged energy in the long run.

    1. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

Proudly boasting to be the next gen weight loss protein and muscle building supplement, Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen has a scientifically proven weight loss formula of compounds in its protein powder that helps you get leaner and get those crucial muscle cuts. The powder starts advanced thermogenesis in the body that increases the metabolic rate of an individual to an unprecedented rate, causing the stored fat to burn. After just one dose, you will have increased physical energy and mental strength which will allow you to focus better on your training regime and aim for that perfect shredded body that you’ve always wanted. Caffeine anhydrous, blue scallop, coleus extract, Ophiopogonis and other ingredients in precise proportion make this protein supplement powerful than ever!

    1. ENGN

ENGN is probably one of the most budget friendly as well as effective pre-workout protein and muscle building supplements. As it supports cognitive function, you got your mood taken care of and get a chance to train your mind for a regressive training session. This protein supplement needs to be taken before the workout. The explosive surge of energy after the intake of this muscle building supplement will help keep fatigue away from your body while you nail training like a pro on steroids! The ENGN muscle building supplement is popular because of its intense muscle pump and mind motivation that has helped even the non-enthusiasts to train rigorously and get the shredded muscular body. The protein supplement has endurance enhancers as well, which keep you active and fit at the best.

    1. Best BCAA

Like any other muscle building and protein supplement, Best BCAA does pump your muscles for good and provide increased energy that keeps you going. However it also has another out of the line objective- promoting lower body fat levels. It’s a post workout drink to be enjoyed with milk or water as per your choice. Not only do you get the energy blast and endurance to last longer in a training session, you also repair the muscles for a better training next time. With the bonded chain of 3 significant and key amino acids, it ensures that your muscles stay healthy and pumped while avoiding soreness after a long training session. Choose the right flavour to enjoy a great taste and the energy kick all together!

  1. Post JYM active matrix

And after two of its products went to top three, here is another one in the top 10- Post JYM active matrix. What’s different? It is a post workout cocktail of energy boosters that will give you the much-needed energy reinforcement while making sure your muscles repair faster without getting soared. Most of the ingredients in all the revolutionary products from JYM are same which is why they provide the similar results. JYM active matrix keeps you active and ready for more stress while the muscle enhancers build and repair your muscles at a quick rate. So if you’re looking to kick-start taking muscle building supplements, it should begin with this at Post JYM active matrix that will help you get ripped in just a few days by controlling your appetite as well as physical strength and endurance.


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